Guns don’t kill people, rappers do!

March 9th, 2010

Congratulations to Moniker and associated parties on the sale of for $800k. I was interested in the domain as well submitting a $700k offer. Monte did a great job trying to do a deal and I can confess I almost got irritated by him sending me emails everyday if I am willing to go higher :) (I’m good friends with Monte, so just a joke). This is just proof how Moniker works hard to do these deals for their clients.

Why this domain really caught my attentions was a) because of the stable type-in traffic (1,000 uniques/day for years) and paradoxically b) the fact google doesn’t allow firearms ads. That’s why the true earning potential of the domain was depressed and I had a belief I could probably double to tripple the current monetization level going direct to advertisers via our zero-click model because this source of traffic is one of the few available for them to advertise on the internet.

Guns don't kill people, rappers do! - goldie lookin' chain, Okay, first of all: thanks for all the views and positive comments on this!! =d you guys are awesome! secondly: i'm sorry if there are mistakes in the. Goldie lookin chain - guns don't kill people - youtube, I do not own the song.. Stuff black people don't like - sbpdl: guns don't kill, Guns don’t kill people, dangerous minorities do. this is the lesson of firearms in america, primarily in major metropolitan areas of the united states.

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Debunking the “guns don’t kill people, people kill, Debunking the “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” myth posted on october 8, 2013. Stuff black people don't like - sbpdl: guns don't kill, It just proves what we already know: "guns don't kill people, dangerous minorities do." the cities that are used by our own government to train army, air. Gun violence in the united states - wikipedia, the free, A 1992 report in the new england journal of medicine shows an association between household firearm ownership and gun suicide rates, finding that individuals in a.

Rappers who have killed people | hip hop my way - part 5, @jokesonyou: i don’t recall elvis, any member of the beach boys, or any member of guns n roses ever having been charged with or convicted of murder.. Disarming the myths promoted by the gun control lobby - forbes, I write about aerospace, environment, energy, second amendment policy full bio → opinions expressed by forbes contributors are their own.. Self defense tip: don't use a rifle - the truth about guns, I’ve done a couple posts in the last few months talking about self defense rifles. like this one. and this one. i wrote both articles because someone was.

Guns Don't Kill People...