Planet X Arrival

December 1st, 2012

Planet X Arrival

The arrival of mahdi, dajjal & planet x - youtube, A ten minute message on the facts about the coming of the mahdi(guided one), dajjal(anti-christ) and planetx. a message to compare the hadith(sayings of. Planet-x (7x) - estimates on its location and arrival, Music by - patrick o'hearn song: "milan to alessio top down" information from nasa news releases prior to 1993 correlate with the model constructed from. Planet x in the bible codes, See what the bible has to say about planet x. as revealed in hidden codes and correlated with bible prophecy..


Planet x - amightywind, What is planet x? why isn't it being reported by the news media? how will it affect earth? how soon?. 2012 deception—the arrival of planet x?, The planet x adds to the 2012 deception that is brainwashing humanity into the ideology of “change”. a deceptive plot will occur within this decade and 2012.. Planet x, nibiru, ancient astronauts, nasa, mars, earth, Mesopotamian texts exalt the planet's radiance and suggested that it could be seen even at daytime: "visible at sunrise.