February 20th, 2013


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Key-sat: osn (orbit showtime network) nilesat dcw 07/06/2014, Animal planet nilesat 7°w 12073 h 27500 2/3 07/06/2014 cw: ===== osn nilesat 7°w 12073 h 27500 2/3 dvb-s2/8psk caid:1708 dcw. New keys : keys cw osn nilesat 7°w 28/12/2013, Keys biss nagravision dcw cryptworks irdeto seca conax viacces keys softcam vkeys free server cccam newcam abox mdbox rshars obox. New keys osn on nilesat of dcw - key sat - the official, Keys dcw of osn on nilesat osn cinema1 :9525d08a1802607a39cf555d1fad05d1 osn cinema2 :9525d08a1802607a39cf555d1fad05d1 osn cinema3:c7023b.

New keys : key art nilesat 7w ccw 05/05/2014, Key art nilesat 7°w 12034 h 27500 22/01/2014 nat geo adventure cw: 8eef 8805 c1f1 10c2 eeaa b24a eb6c 1168 nat geo wild cw: 1e6d 31bc 1e8e 701c 014b fe4a 0135 6298. Satellites updates, Today i setup three big satellites(asiasat 3s at 105.5east, nss6 at 95east and dd direct at 93.5) on single 4feet dish antena.these satellites have number of. Gxmax keys: art nilesat 09/07/2014, Art nilesat 7°w 12034 h 27500 08/01/2013 nat geo adventure nilsat 102 7.0°w 12035 h 27500 mpeg2/ biss sid:02c0 biss key: c1 d0 ce a5 60 85 3e 85.

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