pole shift

September 7th, 2013

pole shift

Pole shift hypothesis - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, This article is about the hypothesis of pole shift in its historical context. for a description of the modern scientific understanding, see true polar wander.. Zetatalk: pole shift, Mail this page to a friend. [note: for for recent zetatalk on the 7 of 10 scenarios, dark twin and venus looming, wobble progress and related subjects check the q&a chats. Earth changes and the pole shift - ning, Providing information and discussion about the earth changes, the pending pole shift, and how to prepare for this event..

Pole Shift Map 2015

Pole shift forum, Pole shift forum debates possible sudden shifting of the earth's crust caused by polar ice build up or other terrestrial causes.. Pole shift! - predictions of shifts in the earth's poles, Several famous psychics and prophets have predicted a cataclysmic pole shift in the near future.. Pole shift - when, where, and how - great dreams, Pole shift. when, where, and how. compiled by dee finney. updated -4-4-11,updated 3-10-12, updated 6-8-12. updated 3-31-13 , 4-1-13.

Pole shift & pole reversal in 2012 | survive 2012, Author: patrick geryl. pole shift & pole reversal in 2012. in 2012 the next polar reversal will take place on earth. this means that the north pole will be changed. Safe locations -- is any spot on earth safe when a pole shift, Nancy continues to describe the upcoming pole shift on earth caused by the passage of planet x. expect and prepare for more disasters, quakes, earth. Pole shift, aliens, ufo, matrix, mars, jfk, iraq, usa. iran, 3-nostradamus prediction on pole shift that it will be at the time of the anti christ world movement and how the shift will destroy him with a tidal wave in italy..

Pole Shift: North Races, South Crawls