where is comet elenin right now in 2013

September 20th, 2013

where is comet elenin right now in 2013

The end times forecaster: comet elenin and the pole shift, So from what i have gathered the theory is that comet elenin was in alignment with the earth and sun on feb 27, 2010 and that it caused a 3 degree pole. The end times forecaster: comet elenin update, Hello everyone--its been a while. hope you are doing well. my schedule at present is keeping me from writing but i wanted to do an update on comet elenin.. Comet elenin: 10 facts you need to know | astronotes, Comet elenin is coming! we’re doomed! comet elenin’s approach is said to be bringing destruction. here are the facts about this feared visitor from deep space..

Comet PANSTARRS as seen from Arizona on March 10, 2013. Credit and ...

Nibiru cataclysm - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Although lieder originally referred to the object as "planet x", it has become deeply associated with nibiru, a planet from the works of ancient astronaut proponent. Astro bob | celestial happenings you can see from your own, Nasa’s stardust spacecraft did more than snare dust samples of comet 81p/wild during its january 2004 flyby. it also caught at least seven fluffy flakes of. Oh my god!!!(or lack therereof): comet elenin will hit earth !, It's called c/2010 x1, dubbed elenin after its russian discoverer. it's going to be at it's closest with earth sometime in october and we'll pass through.

Why we fall for doomsday dates (and how to never again), Why we fall for doomsday dates (and how to never again) believers look forward to jesus’ second coming and hope someone can figure out when it will be. perhaps the. Andromeda council update on elenin - brown dwarf, nibiru, Comet elenin and a celestial body upgrade of our solar system in his exopoliticstv interview, the andromeda council representative (tolec) discusses the role of comet. The real story of elenin and nasas astonishing visit to, Beginning with a personal account of his experience with overt nasa space programs, richard hoagland asks what the future holds for nasa in light of its.

the path of the comet elenin