planetary alignment update 2014

January 2nd, 2014

planetary alignment update 2014

Planetary alignment / earthquake watch april 2014 - youtube, Two strong planetary alignments (mars-earth-mercury on april 15-16) and (mars-earth-uranus on april 21-23) feature prominently this month may coincide with. Planetary alignment/earthquake watch january 6-10, 2014, Three very strong planetary alignments (sun-earth-jupiter on january 5), (sun-venus-jupiter on january 7) and (earth-venus-sun on january 11) combined with. 2012 planetary alignment are we heading for doom or, 2012 planetary alignment site is here to discuss the changes we face in the year 2012..

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Portal 2012: planetary situation update -, Http:// /2014_05_13/russia-to-suspend-us-gps-stations-work-on-its-land-from-june-2516/. Portal 2012: short planetary situation update, The etheric archon grid is the final stage of dissolution and the power of the archons diminishing rapidly, leaving the chimera group as the main. Significance of the giza pyramid planetary alignment on, Caroly evers consulted universal consciousness about the significance of the alignment of venus, mercury and saturn over the 3 pyramids at giza and shared.

Hipknowsys: cobra update - may 27, 2014: sisterhood of the, At the moment of summer solstice on june 21st, the process of activating the planetary goddess archetype will begin. this will be activated by many women. Hipknowsys: cobra update - april 14, 2014: is:is portal, That energy pulse will send ripples of light through our local cluster of galaxies and will especially affect our sector of the galaxy, including planet earth.. Planetary alignment decreases gravity, float for 5 minutes, It has been revealed by the british astronomer patrick moore that, on the morning of july 4th 2014, an extraordinary astronomical event will occur..

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