punish husband FLR

January 4th, 2014

punish husband FLR

Punishment in a female led relationship (flr) | men submit, One of our members, kelmag, posted a blog right before we moved over to the new site format. his blog was on punishment in a female led relationship (flr).. Discipline vs. punishment - issues in female led, Discussing issues in female led relationships. the topic of "discipline vs. punishment - issues in female led relationships" is covered from the viewpoint of the. An essay about adult punishment in female led, An essay about adult punishment in female led relationships or every relationship has rules this is how to enforce them - aboutflr.com.

flr-captions:Oh dear, hubby. Oh dear, oh dear. I’m glad I thought to ...

Female led relationship: punishment spanking, Female led relationship: punishment spanking. Comments: dad punishment - likelike.com, Hi. yes in my house my daughters are allowed to punish to her father at anywhere in any time. last sunday my husband answered my mother back in front of my family in. Guest post: hÉlÈne: scenes from our flr—his early training, Paris—here are some scenes from our flr. i take discipline very seriously in my house, and i think it really helps cement our amorous relationship..

Female led marriage: the dominant wife and submissive husband, A primary reinforcer is any reward your husband will work to get, and which will increase or maintain a behavior. of all the rewards that you could offer.

... get punished for bad vacuuming. And before you ask, yes I marked it