zeta predictions of pole shift 2014

January 4th, 2014

zeta predictions of pole shift 2014

2014 pole shift update - youtube, It's still flipping.. Planet x: calendar countdown for the pole shift - youtube, This is the calendar that is published by zetatalk.com and this is how they think the pole shift will play out. you may not believe them, but that's. Zetatalk chat for november 22, 2014 - earth changes and, Dear nancy and zeta's, i'd like to ask another question regarding the rosetta comet probe. why would the elite send a probe to a known inhabited comet to attempt to.

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Zetatalk chat for july 19, 2014 - earth changes and the, Declined as beyond explaining why the pleiadians do not warn about the pole shift (to the extent that the zetas do) the zetas do not want to be in the position of. New world land maps after a global pole shift: opinions, This is probably one of the most controversial and problematic topics on the internet today. the question of whether or if there will be a pole shift, and. Earth pole-shift | - surviving the poleshift, Posts about earth pole-shift written by chris thomas.

Pole shift, aliens, ufo, matrix, mars, jfk, iraq, usa. iran, All that was released by nancy and zetatalk about pole shift of may 15 2003 was a misinformation by shadow people in order to. Planet x and the pole-shift emblazoned on an ancient mayan, The plan is to understand the dangers of the coming pole-shift and prepare against them. the run-down to the pole-shift is also tricky and dangerous in the latter stages.. Survive 2012 | [archived], Note: with the exception of the blog, this site is an archive from dec 2012. obviously there was no global cataclysm in late 2012… 2012 could end up being nothing.

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